I let the door shut, and I close my eyes.
the key is inside, I know. I don’t want to see.
see, beside it there’s a heart that belongs to me, I move two steps back I can still hear it beat
but it’s ok it’s fine, from now on,
I’ll live as a tree, my heart is in my roots, I settle within myself, and myself is all I be.
I don’t have a rhythm I don’t have a beat.
I don’t miss you every day.
I don’t have you in my dreams.
I don’t feel jealousy.
my heart’s underground, running deep,
done crawling to your feet, not staying up all night, to write you some sad poem that you won’t read
I stab my heart before I leave, for each time we got to meet
I left it behind,
and found some comfort that without
I’ll live forever lonely
and when I die I’ll be some door, that broken hearts will come to seek

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