Who’s Paying?

I lost everything to the fire, what will the fire give back?
You take somethin, you owe someone, doesn’t it work like that?
I never stayed enough to learn,
A hack,
who ran,
as fast as I can,
This time, the fight’s on, bitch,
I want what you have,
It stares at me, so I stare back,
I smirk: you fuckin loser, can you hear that?
I ran for it, the fire, like the idiot that I am.
I feel it now,
Its orange, its yellow, its red,
it’s inside my head,
in my stomach,
on my feet, and back
eating me alive,
I saw my whole life,
in white and black
like a speeding train,
that got off track,
to fuck you in the ass.
I’m owed by the fire,
who the fuck will pay me back?

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